A User Focused Compressed-Air Solution

DB Premium Screw compressors

Premium models from 10HP Up to 75HP

DB SERIES Premium Screw Compressors

A user focused compressed-air solution that delivers excellent value and reliable performance combined with an advanced control system that offers total IT integration and off-site control and monitoring.


World-class air delivery, air-end efficiency and service life.


Standard Android based mobile APP and remote monitoring and control system.


Class-leading design and functionality.

DB Premium Series Rotary Screw Compressors

DB Premium

A performance focused solution that delivers value , world-class efficiency and energy savings combined with an advanced control system that offers total IT integration. Performance and reliability are the core functions of this range.

Intelligent PLC control system

This system allows full customisation of the system air output and delivery by the user. The PLC is able to integrate with various IT solutions offering the user full remote control and system monitoring.

Detroit Air - Db Premium Series Air Compressors DB-50


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Key Product Features


European design and maintenance focused configuration for quick servicing and less downtime. This allows for reduced maintenance costs and less production loss, SCREW COMPRESSORS contributing to a very low total cost of ownership.

Visual Warning System

VWS is designed to provide a visual indication of the machine’s operating status in noisy environments. This system uses industrial grade LED strip lights to show the current status of the machine through various colours. The system is programmed to display various colours for normal, fault, service and emergency operational status  (Not available in all markets.) .

Directly driven motor structure

This allows for direct transfer of energy to the air-end master rotor, increasing efficiency and reducing vibration. This system is used from 10hp up to 50hp in an 8 or 10 bar pressure output. Larger machines use a directly-coupled transfer system. Belt drive configuration is available on request.

Electric motor

Electrical efficiency and performance stability are key points in the design of the DB range of screw compressors, as is motor protection. All DB screws feature full PLC motor protection which covers low/high voltage, high current, high temperature, open phase, reverse phase and overload situations.