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Detroit Air is dedicated to the field of compressed air and compressed air equipment.  Our core values centre on teamwork which is guided by an excellent brand strategy and high technology with professional production as our foundation.

Detroit Air is a specialist supplier that integrates design, manufacture, sales, and services to provide high-quality services to all fields in need of compressed air.


Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Piston Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Quiet Cabinet-type Air Compressors, Oil-free Air Compressors , Pressure Vessels.

Pre-sales technical consultation and complete type selection installation and  commissioning of products, After-sales maintenance of products and Design and supply of products with special specifications

DETROIT Air Locations

Currently manufactured under license in various locations, Detroit Air is distributed in various countries worldwide. As an OEM producer, various brand names are used to meet clients’ needs and market suitability.

Major distributors are located in: 

Brazil, Australia, France, Poland, Russia, Southern  Africa and New Zealand

DETROIT Air Capability

A team of highly specialized and well experienced engineers with backgrounds in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, specific to the compressed air industry, help us provide customers with the solutions   they need in the most cost-effective way possible. Specialised and technologically advanced automation machinery offer a high-capacity production system helping to create superior and precise components for a large scale air-compressor production.

Detroit Air has maintained a focus on European design and technology as a core business principle. World-class robotics, CNC mill and lathes, automation machinery from ABB, Croma, and Mazak provide high-capacity production systems aimed at delivering high-quality, accurate components for large scale screw-compressor production. Each manufactured part end-users receive consistently good performance from their Detroit Air Screw Air Compressor system. Millions of dollars have been invested in our production process and systems to ensure a world-class product is consistently delivered at an affordable and competitive price.

Our range of products provide the market with affordable quality and service whilst offering cutting edge technology and cost-saving production processes. The DB and SR Series of compressed air products from Detroit Air continue to expand our markets and global footprint.

Leading Technology: A significant investment in research and development needs to be sustained to maintain growth in the technology and innovation fields. Great emphasis is placed on transforming this innovation and technology into benefits for consumers. This is done through the combination of research and development with production and sales (“innovation creates value”) to help us deliver efficient production techniques with quality products at competitive pricing.

Production Innovation: By using the ‘just in time’ method, monitoring, studying, and analysing our production lines, we are able to maximise our efficiency and output.

Evolving Management: Each year, the company cooperates with famous professional training organisations to improve and strengthen management resulting in higher development and stronger teams.

Marketing Innovation:Gathering a wide range of information from domestic and foreign markets, we are able to identify market needs and requirements, thus enabling us to create valuable products and offer outstanding services to our customers.

Detroit Air aims to lead the market through a precise brand strategy which is supported by cutting edge technology, outstanding production, and excellent quality control. Our goals are to deliver superior technology design and products to build long-term customer relationships based on the efficient delivery of quality machinery at competitive pricing.

GTL Generators & Portable Diesel Compressors

Detroit Air – Proud Partner & Distributor Of GTL Power Products

Always Insist On Technology & Innovation

Detroit Air

Leading Technology

To be a leader in Technology innovation is critical. To maintain growth in technology and innovation a significant investment in research and development needs to be maintained. We place great emphasis on transforming innovation and technology into benefits. By closely combining R&D with production and sales in a concept of “ Innovation creates value” we are able to deliver efficient production techniques combined with quality products at competitive pricing.

Evolving Management

Always insist on humanised and scientific management. Each year the company cooperates with famous professional training organisations to improve and strengthen management.

Marketing Innovation

Gathering all kinds of information from domestic and foreign markets, we are able to identify market needs and requirements, thus enabling a value creating product and service to our customers.

Production Innovation

Production lines are made efficient through the use of the just-in-time method. Production line speed and efficiency are constantly monitored, studied and analysed in order to increase efficiency.

Detroit Air
Vision as a brand

Our goal is to consistently provide the market with a good-quality, durable, high-performing compressed air solution that will have the lowest total cost of ownership in the market place. We strive to push development of quality and performance through on-going research and development of our products.

High-level service backed by a high-level warranty and support policy support our vision for growth and strategic market placement. We aim to be the largest distributor of compressed air equipment in Southern Africa.

We will work with our partners to develop new models to expand our markets while providing our clients with opportunities to both save and make money. We put compressed air machinery in reach of poorer markets to help encourage growth of manufacturing and services in the local and broader economies.

Detroit Air

To be the brand of choice in the compressed air industry and to provide a product that is financially within reach of those markets that could previously not afford compressed air solutions.

We are the obvious choice and will be the market leader in all levels of industry in compressed air in Southern Africa.